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Wonderbrett Solventless Fruit Chews Orange Banana
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Wonderbrett Solventless Fruit Chews — five curated pairings of premium cannabis genetics and 100% real fruit puree imported from France — the forefront of flavor and experience in an all-new cannabis-infused edible. When the West Coast breeder most revered for rare genetics, complex terpene profiles, and high potency flower launches an all-new edible, they don’t deviate from what makes them great. Through their meticulous cultivation techniques and solventless extraction process, the unique flavors and experience of Wonderbrett’s premium indoor cannabis strains are captured to perfection in a superior fruit chew. The solventless extraction process uses purified ice water and gentle agitation to separate the active compounds from the plant material, preserving the most desirable parts of Wonderbrett’s exotic terpene profiles at their peak freshness for a truly potent and uniquely flavorful edible experience. Wonderbrett’s five delicious strain-specific vegan fruit chews are all-natural and gluten-free with zero artificial ingredients or preservatives. Enjoy 10mg of THC per piece and 10 pieces per bag (100mg THC total per package).
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