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Dodi Infused Pre-Roll Charlie O Hybrid
Pre Rolls - Infused
THE BAY’S FINEST Marshawn loves candy. So he and his friends are always on the lookout for the best that The Bay Area has to offer. Marshawn has a keen nose for distinct aromas, a smooth draw and a varied wave of fruity flavor to match. The flower we select is always right for an afternoon. It’ll always put you in the zone to focus and relax, though it’s also fitting for social occasions with the homies. Marinate your being in the high it brings: first, going for your head and creating pleasant trippy, atmospheric and sensory experiences. As dodi settles into your body, you’ll lose most of your care for “productivity” in exchange for supreme relaxation. THCa DIAMONDS This is the most potent part of your Dodi Blunt. Not to be confused with THC, the diamonds are pure THCA crystalline. What’s the difference? Heat: once you light up this beautifully crafted blunt, you’ll inhale the full power of THC to level up your high.
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